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Kaspersky And Microsoft Are Friends Again

But are they best friends forever? Back in June Kaspersky took some extreme measures when it filed an antitrust complaint against Microsoft for what the security provider claimed were anticompetitive practices from the software titan. Basically, it

Microsoft Fined $140 Million For Tax Evasion In China

Little trouble in big China? The Chinese odyssey seems to be coming to an end for Microsoft. With the investigation now concluded, the company can now focus on business in the country. But not before paying the

China Wants To Remove Windows From All Government PCs

I guess all the roads these past few months lead to this one reality. The Chinese government has outlined plans to remove Windows from all government computers. Instead, the country wants to focus on a locally developed

Microsoft CEO Discusses Antitrust Dispute With Chinese Officials

Microsoft is having a bit of a torrid time in China, after being named in the group of companies that are currently being investigated for antitrust issues in the country. And as we learned late last month,

Chinese Authorities Defend Microsoft Investigation

Sure, you’re not. Chinese authorities may not like it but Microsoft enjoys a solid following in China, at least when it comes to the good old traditional PC. In fact, Windows are off to a good start

China Said To Be Forcing Microsoft To Plead Guilty

China is a very protocol driven country, putting it mildly. They have their set rules, and they expect these rules to be followed. Microsoft and other companies are getting an education in this regard. The software titan

China’s Investigation On Microsoft Too Late, Analysts Believe

The government of China started investigating Microsoft for antitrust violations a few weeks back, but there are people that believe that the inspection comes too late. Too late for it to be productive, too late for it

China Believes Microsoft Hid Windows, Office Compatibility Issues

The crisis in China has taken another turn! Microsoft is currently being investigated by government officials in the country for antitrust, and we have some fresh information on this. The technology titan is now being accused of

Microsoft CEO Visiting China To Discuss Antitrust Claims

Satya Nadella has a flight booked. Microsoft CEO is heading to China to discuss the currently ongoing antitrust probe with government officials, Reuters is reporting. Things have escalated fast in the country these past few months. Chinese

Chinese Regulators Target Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player

Microsoft is one of the nine companies that are currently being probed for antitrust violations by Chinese regulators and things have taken a rather interesting turn. It was recently revealed that the company was not entirely transparent