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Microsoft Details DirectX 12 For PC, Xbox One And Mobile

The Game Developers Conference is in full swing right now, and a number of notable announcements have already come our way, both regarding game engines and upcoming titles. Microsoft promised first official details on DirectX 12 during

Windows Phone 8 GDR2 Said To Include Call And SMS Blocking Options

Microsoft sure likes to plays its cards close to heart now. Word got out a few months back that the technology titan is going to work in stealth mode going forward, particularly for Windows Phone. What this

Microsoft Details API Device Support For Windows 8.1

Over the past few months, the Redmond based technology titan has extensively detailed the new consumer features of Windows 8.1, and now the company is shifting focusing towards developers. Microsoft has included several new and innovative APIs

Tweetro App No Longer Working, Due to Twitter API Restrictions

Windows 8 and Windows RT interest continue to rise. At the same time, there continues to be some chatter from the net that there are still not enough good, solid apps. This matters more for some than