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How well does the Surface RT Display Perform?

There has been a lot of negative attention around the low resolution in the Microsoft Surface RT’s display. 1366 x 768 isn’t awful, but for a premium device it is pretty weak. After all, this is the

Splashtop lets you run Windows 8 on your iPad

IDG News Service – Splashtop on Thursday released a new tablet application that replicates the Windows 8 touch-driven Metro user interface on the iPad, which should help developers test applications for Microsoft’s next OS without investing in

The great Windows 8 fanboy fallacy – iPads are just media consumption devices

First of all, let me say thanks to all you guys and girls for your comments on yesterday’s article. The comment thread is really informative and I got a chance to see the different points of view

3 pervasive Myths about Enterprise Demand for Windows 8 Tablets

Recently, I’ve noticed a very disturbing trend in reputable blogs and magazines and I wanted to share my take on this with you. There have been 3 myths floating around the web regarding Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows 8

10 lessons Microsoft can take from the new iPad launch and use for the Windows 8 Slate launch

Yesterday I spent an hour and a half (off and on) trying to get through to Apple’s download page so I could hand them a fistful of cash for the new iPad. I then put my old

The Verge compares Windows 8 and the Apple Ipad

In what is surely the first of many Ipad Windows 8 comparisons, tech website TheVerge did a Windows 8/Apple Ipad comparison. Look for my similar review once I have had a month to get used to the

Apple Ipad rumors – Microsoft need to pay attention

Things seem to be going really well with Windows 8 but the storms are brewing with Apple this year. Digitimes is reporting the following: Apple will ship the so-called “iPad 3” with a full HD display in

Poll – Should Microsoft release Microsoft Office on the Ipad?

Microsoft have said that they will be launching a version of their best selling productivity suite Office on the Ipad. Microsoft will probably break out the apps from the suite and sell them separately and will probably

Interesting interview: Eric Schmidt opines on the Ipad vs Android

I watched this interview this morning and it struck me that Microsoft was TOTALLY missing from this conversation. It shows how far behind Redmond is in the tablet space. It’s an interesting interview with food for thought

Windows 8 tablet OS Developers – Ipad 2 is here…

OK so Apple released the Ipad 2 today. Every developer working on Windows 8 tablet OS probably paused and reflected on a lot of things today. Redmond, please take note. Ipad2 Specs Size and Weight Height: 9.50