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Windows Dynamics CRM App for Windows 8 due by mid-2103

ZD Net reports today Microsoft’s announcement it will deliver a Windows 8 version of its Dynamics CRM application by mid-2013.  They join SAP and Workday, who both committed earlier this week to building Metro-Style/Windows Store applications for Windows 8.

Netflix app for Windows 8 is now available

Well they took their frikkin time. Netflix have finally launched their app for Windows 8. You can head over to the Windows Store now and grab the Netflix app. This is a modern UI (or Metro) app and

MetroTwit app comes to Windows 8

MetroTwit is one of the most famous twitter clients for the Windows desktop. Now MetroTwit’s team has now come up with a Metro version of their app for Windows 8. MetroTwit app supports live tiles. So you

My take on the Windows 8 application store

I read the article written by Rishu Srivastava about the Windows Store and I wanted to write a rebuttal article on it. The store in Windows 8 isn’t perfect, I’ll agree with that. There are things Microsoft

Windows 8 – App Highlight: Wikipedia

  I don’t know about you, but I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking things up in Wikipedia. While many schools and colleges don’t allow you to use it as a source, I still can’t imagine

Windows 8 App Highlight: Gaana

A lot of apps have been added to the Windows Store since the Release preview launch. I really love the metro apps but there was one thing which was constantly turning me to the desktop browser and

Microsoft extends Windows Store geographical reach

Microsoft is planning to extend the geographical reach of its Windows Store. The service that’s available in Windows 8 will begin to accept application submissions from developers in 38 markets starting in the next preview release of

BlueStacks AppPlayer Beta Within Windows 8 Consumer Preview

When it comes to apps, Windows 8 and Metro are fairly limited. This probably isn’t a problem for most desktop and laptop users since there are plenty of desktop applications that are just as good, or in

Windows 8 – App Highlight: Slacker Radio

In Windows 8, Metro actually provides a few different music playing options. One of the apps for music I’ve found myself using the most though, is without a doubt, Slacker Radio. To get the most out of

I have to admit – Kayak for the Windows Store is a really good application

Kayak for Windows 8 is a really cool application. There I said it. Over the next few weeks, we are going to be highlighting some of the better apps that are available in the Windows Store in Windows