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Windows Applications Crash Almost Two Times A Week On Average

Statistics sure do have a consoling, comforting and reassuring side to them. While the days of frequent program crashes are behind us, applications still do…


EMCO Remote Shutdown Now Compatible With Windows Server 2012


Will the Lack of Apps Be the Downfall of the Microsoft Surface?

CNET’s Eric Franklin has done a great review of the Microsoft Surface RT.  He shows the dual nature of the OS, with the tiled-based Start…


Microsoft’s Surface Pro Tablet is M.I.A., Businesses Cool to Surface RT

The Surface Pro is almost impossible to find at the Microsoft Store and elsewhere A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft launched their in-house tablet computers -…


Is Windows 8 RT Ready for the Enterprise?

Microsoft’s new OS, Windows 8 was designed (some would say, primarily designed) to work on tablets and smartphones.  A version of the OS, Windows RT,…


Why is FaceBook late to the Windows 8 party?

Recently, we’ve been posting more and more updates about Windows 8 applications and the number of applications in the Windows Store. It suddenly occurred to me that there…


Going Up – The Appstore has 3600 apps available

My good buddy Wes Miller is doing a valuable public service on behalf of the Windows 8 community. On his site, he’s keeping…


Windows 8 – App Highlight: A Look At Several Great Metro Games (Part 2)

Back in March I took a pretty deep look at the many great apps (particularly games) that were starting to surface for Windows 8…


Mozilla show Firefox for Windows 8 Mockups

This week, Mozilla’s Madhava Enros posted up an online slide presentation showing some mockups of the Windows 8 Metro version of its Firefox web browser Another…


With Windows Phone Releasing Apps So Quickly, What Does This Mean For Windows 8?

There are many different opinions when it comes to Metro and Windows 8. My personal opinion is mixed, but I certainly see potential in Windows…