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The 4 major reasons why Windows 8 didn’t fly off the shelves during the holidays

Paul Thurrott wrote a pretty impressive piece on his Supersite giving a very compelling theory about why Windows 8 has sold poorly over the previous holiday season. In a beautifully written piece called “Explaining Windows 8 PC

Guest Post – Windows 8 Installation Glitches

This is a guest post by John Campbell Following the launch of Windows 8 I downloaded and installed Windows 8 on my computers. Both installations ran smoothly until I found I had two conflicting problems. The first

New Windows 8 overview article by Brad Sams at Neowin

I don’t do this often. I have to send you to Neowin to read this very good and detailed Windows 8 overview article by Brad Sams. He does a great job at breaking down the Operating System

Windows 8 Quote of the day – what is Windows 8?

Everyone should read the article by Paul Thurrott called “Windows to Windows 8“. It’s a pretty spot on analysis of what Windows 8 is and how we (and Microsoft) collectively got to this point. There’s a quote that’s really

Great Windows 8 article by Robert Johnson at

Robert Johnson wrote a really good and level headed article about Windows 8 at Betanews. What I liked about this article is the fact that it seemed a lot more balanced than most of the Windows 8

John Dvorak unleashes the machine guns on Windows 8

In a post on the marketwatch blog, John C Dvorak unloads on Windows 8 with a passion. Some choice quotes: Windows 8 looks to me to be an unmitigated disaster that could decidedly hurt the company and

Lots to see in the Windows 8 Release Preview

So I have the Windows 8 Release Preview installed on both my Tablet and Laptop. It’s been …. interesting. I have a lot to say about it but I’m too tired this week so starting Monday, I’ll

Beyond Windows 8 – Life After NT/Desktop?

Just yesterday I mentioned that Microsoft is on the verge of evolution thanks to Windows 8, and in the process I asked whether or not a fork in Windows is needed in the near future. For the

New Windows 8 Consumer Preview Hands on from Tom Warren

Great hands on review from Tom Warren at the Verge. I’ll have a more detailed review coming soon. Check it out here. Videos from the verge below…

Does Microsoft have a Future in the Tablet Market?

When it comes to Microsoft’s decision to focus Windows 8 on both the desktop and tablet market you often hear many mixed opinions. There are some that say it’s an awful marketing decision and others that say