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Windows RT Review + Video – ASUS VivoTab RT

Thank you ASUS corporation. I finally got my review copy of the ASUS VivoTab RT tablet and docking station/keyboard and guess what? I kinda liked it. Let me start at the beginning. The ASUS VivoTab RT is

Asus VivoTab RT already getting a price cut, now $549.99 with free keyboard-dock offer

Recently we talked about how the Asus VivoTab RT offered an alternative Windows RT tablet to the Microsoft Surface that even had a keyboard dock that managed to expand battery life by 7 hours. The biggest downside

Comparing the Asus Vivo TAB RT to the Microsoft Surface RT

When it comes to Windows RT tablets, Surface is pretty much getting most of the consumer attention right now. This is with good reason when you stop and look at the attractive design and reasonably decent price

ASUS VivoTab RT now at Best Buy – $599

Spent part of the day checking out the local Best Buy stores in the area. More Windows 8 gear is starting to trickle out on the counters. Wi-fi is slow at these stores and negatively affects the