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Windows 8 Video – Asus VivoTab Smart – interesting keyboard

I found this video on Asus’s website talking about their new tablet the Asus VivoTab Smart. As you should know, I did a review on the ASUS VivoTab RT and happen to be a big fan of

Looking for a Cheaper Alternative to the Surface PRO? Check out the Asus VivoTab Smart

January is here, and that means the Surface Pro is finally just around the corner– or so we hope. The truth is that we have no clue when the Surface Pro is coming in reality. Microsoft has

Asus VivoTab Smart Launched, Windows 8 Tablet for Around the Price of Surface RT?

Not too long ago, Onuora Amobi reviewed the VivoTab RT for the site and found that it was a capable device, though he noted that the Windows RT limitations might be a turn off for some. Now