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Windows XP ATMs Being Hacked Simply By Pressing Shift Key

Windows XP is probably the worst operating system to power an ATM, considering the fact Microsoft has now retired it, several vulnerabilities are floating around for it, with no new updates in sight. And yet, many banks

Windows XP Vulnerabilities On The Up, Warns Kaspersky

Security companies have been firing off warnings about Windows XP vulnerabilities for years now, and with the vintage OS now unsupported, it has become even easier to hack. The platform has not been receiving updates since its

ATMs In Mexico Under Serious Threat, 95% Still Powered By Windows XP

The whole ordeal of ATMs around the world is no secret. Several reports have indicated just how much Windows XP is being in used in the financial world, even after retirement. Microsoft may have pulled the plug

Hackers Can Break Into A Windows XP ATM Via A Simple SMS

Who’d have thought that ATMs would become an absolute headache for financial institutions closer to the retirement of Windows XP? It never happened before, and chances are that it probably will never happen again. The dynamics at

For Microsoft, The Threat Of ATMs Moving To Linux Is Very Real

If you thought the 29 percent of Windows XP user base overall was a thing of terror, chew on this. Around 95 percent of the ATMs in the world are said to be still running the old

95% Of ATMs Worldwide Still Running Windows XP? Oh Dear!

Let’s end the week with some reassuring news! A detailed new report at BusinessWeek claims that around 95 percent of ATMs are still powered by Windows XP. And as one may guess, they will be as exposed