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Intel Discontinuing The HoloLens Atom Processor

Guess not everything Intel touches turns to gold! We might be approaching the end of the line for the first-generation Microsoft HoloLens hardware, as there are reports that Intel is discontinuing the Atom. The Atom processor that

Intel Launches Its First NUC Powered By An Atom Processor

Well, look who’s dabbing into hardware, now! Historically, Intel have created just but a few hardware devices, the most surprising of the list being a microscope, of all things, under the Intel Play line. But the chipmaker

Second Wave Of Intel Bay Trail Processors Incoming, And Fast

This might not be a tower defense game, per se, but it is a game nevertheless for Intel. The chip giant has been found out, on the wrong foot at that, in the mobile world, with ARM

Intel Bay Trail Chips For 64-Bit Windows 8.1 Tablets Coming In Q1 2014

Intel sure seems to have started something with its Atom lineup of Windows 8.1 slates. The Atom brand prior to this was secluded in the realm of the Celeron and Pentium varieties of affordable processors. Call it

Leaked Intel Roadmap Reveals Big Plans For The Tablet Market

Some would claim that right now the Atom chips are Intel’s main focus. And judging by what the world famous processor maker is planning, they would not be too far off in their claim. While desktop processors

Intel Will Release The Cherry Tail Atom Platform In 2014

Intel has had a bit of a bona fide success on its hand with its current Bay Trail platform, with several Microsoft partners choosing the Atom processor to bring to market several affordable devices capable of running

HP Puts Up Its Omni 10 Tablet For Preorder In The US

The wave of affordable Bay Trail Windows tablets shows no sign of slowing. The latest flavor of Intel’s Atom chips is fast becoming an industry favorite, as several large hardware vendors bring to market their newest solutions.

Intel Reportedly Preparing Cheaper Bay Trail Chips For Tablets

If there is one factor that has really hurt the third-party prospects of Windows on ARM, it is the fact that hardware makers are increasingly shifting their attention towards Intel Atom chips. The Atom Bay Trail platform

Intel Bay Trail Z3000 Processor Detailed, Coming To Windows And Android

Just like Microsoft, Intel is also passing through a defining moment in history. With the shift towards mobile devices, the processor king has been a bystander as its rival rose to meteoritic heights. Sure ARM Holdings only

Intel Planning Future Android Tablets That Start At $100

Boy, from books to slates. Intel has already introduced ultrabooks to the technology world, and now the chip giant seems to be on track to release ultra cheap slates in the very near future. Amazon released its