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Windows Phone 8 GDR2 Said To Pack Enhanced Support For The .WAV Format

Some file formats are immortal. They never die. The now classic .wav file is one such format, still famous among audiophiles. But this vintage format is also used in several voicemail systems. And it seems that the

Microsoft Solitaire Sound Not Working On Some Windows 8.1 Preview PCs

Multimedia issues are not always the easiest ones to fix, and Windows 8.1 Preview has had a few of them already reported. The latest one concerns audio in Metro apps, specifically Solitaire Challenge. Microsoft’s in-house developed game

Buggy NVIDIA Driver Said To Be Cause Of Surface RT Audio Issue, Here Is A Fix

The latest Surface RT firmware update that launched earlier this month broke down the sound on some of the tablets. A number of owners confirmed the unexpected sound drops when watching a movie or listening to a

App Watch: PODCASTS!

Microsoft has bundled Windows 8 (and Windows RT) with several apps, but one area where Redmond seems to have frisked a bit is podcasts. Enter third-party developers to the rescue! PODCASTS! is one of the more popular

Windows 8 Development: More Kinect and Windows 8 integration news

One of my faves is here.. Xbox LIVE File System for Xbox Kinect: designed and shipped a distributed storage system built on Windows Azure for customer data collection world-wide, resulting in improved acoustic models and skeletal tracking