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Microsoft Donates $4 Million To World Vision Australia

Microsoft and charity are two words you might have read countless times in the same sentence. The software giant is renowned for its support for charities and social causes across the globe. And the company has continued

Users In Australia Have Well And Truly Moved Beyond Windows XP

Call Windows XP and tell it that it’s been dumped! In the Land Down Under, that is. Australian users seem to be driving the charge as far as the old operating system is concerned. And how. While

Australian Organization Will Install Windows 8.1 Soon After Launch

Windows 8.1 will make its debut this fine Friday, and though the operating system is not yet officially here, consumer interest to upgrade to it is most definitely around. End users and organizations around the globe are

Windows Phone 8 GDR2 Update For HTC 8X Cancelled

Boy, the Windows Phone situation is fast becoming, shall we say, a bit foggy. Even though Microsoft has made no secret of its commitment to Windows Phone partners, the companies have been rather quiet on the Nokia

Redmond Secures Yet Another Important Deal To Upgrade Users From XP To 8

Convincing users to ditch Windows XP brings multiple benefits to Microsoft. Not only can the company decrease the market share of the ancient (yet popular) OS, it also gets a chance to pitch Windows 8 to prospective

Australians Reportedly Pay Up To 66% More For Microsoft Products

The price disparity of computing products (both hardware and software) between different markets of the world is one of the more bewildering factors of the technology industry. Sadly, this practice has been going on for a rather

Microsoft Said To Be Preparing Heavily Subsidized Surface RT Tablet

The Surface RT is one Microsoft product that has been in the news these past few weeks, for, shall we say, reasons good and bad. While some hardware vendors have expressed their discontent at the Windows RT

Two New Windows Azure Data Centers To Be Built In Australia

Arguably the most used buzzword around the Redmond campus these past few years has been cloud computing. Since the launch of Windows Azure, cloud has taken the center stage for the world’s biggest software company. So important

Surface Pro Release Dates Revealed For Australia And The UK

The wait is finally coming to an end. Ever since its launch in February, eager buyers in several markets have been clamoring to get their hands on the Surface Pro. Redmond sure took its time in announcing

Australian Bank Chooses Windows Over Linux Because Its Cheaper

Add another one to the list. The never-ending battle of free open source software versus propriety solutions continues, this time with a brand new victory for Microsoft. An Australian banking organization by the name of Members Equity