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Best Antivirus For Windows 10 Business Users

The folks over at AV-TEST are at it again. The independent German security institute has performed a new study to determine the best antivirus for Windows 10 business users. And the enterprise results have almost no surprises,

Best Windows 10 Antivirus For Home Users

Microsoft has made Windows Defender a strong contender for top notch security on its OS, but there are a few other excellent Windows 10 antivirus programs available for home users. Which have been carefully compiled by the

Microsoft Antivirus Programs Now Offer Top Security

Who’d have imagined! There were days when Microsoft antivirus products like Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender used to fail the majority of security tests. So much so that they were mostly considered base level protection, the

Best Antivirus For Windows 10 Home Users Revealed

Here’s your daily dose of irony! German institute AV-TEST has revealed its latest antivirus test involving a total of 18 security suites, revealing the best Windows antivirus in the process. The endurance test was conducted for six

Test Reveals Best Antivirus For Windows 8.1 Home Users

Time for an annual ritual. Or is it biannual? Or monthly? Anyway, finding the best antivirus for Windows 8.1 home users was the point of this test that the folks over at AV-TEST just conducted. Several antivirus

Best Antivirus For Windows XP? Here Are 23 Choices

The security landscape is seeing intensified focus on Microsoft’s retired operating system. A new research reveals the best antivirus for Windows XP, and the list is pretty expansive. Conducted by testing firm AV-TEST, some 23 products were

AV-Test Unleashes Its First Windows 8 Antivirus Comparison

The German security firm, AV-Test, has long put several antivirus solutions under the microscope, and offered independent analysis and testing results of security applications from a number of vendors. And it took a fair while coming, but

Microsoft Security Essentials Loses AV-Test.org Certification

Whoops! Microsoft Security Essentials became the only free antivirus software that failed to receive certification in a new round of tests over at AV-Test. All other antivirus programs received the certification — from paid software to free