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Surface Laptop Probably Available In Burgundy, Cobalt Blue

The colors of life! Microsoft may have nailed the hardware side of its new Surface Laptop, but the company is still struggling to make all models available in all colors. Word is that the Burgundy and Cobalt

By Missing End-of-Year Sales, the Surface Pro May be Doomed

The latest information we have about the availability of the Surface Pro, that is the x86 version of Microsoft’s Surface that runs Windows 8 native apps – is that it will be available early in the new

It’s Here! Microsoft Officially Launches Windows 8 Today in New York

Microsoft officially launched the new Windows 8 Operating System today in New York, with global availability beginning tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 26. Consumers and businesses worldwide will be able purchase more than 1,000 certified PCs and tablets, including

Apple’s mixed bag – the new iPhone 5 looks a little long in the tooth but is extremely powerful

New! Check out our iPhone 5 Picture gallery Today was Apple’s live (long awaited) press conference where they were widely expected to show off the iPhone 5. Tim Cook took the stage and talked about the expansion

Want to try Windows 8? There’s a full featured trial version available to the public

Very cool news. I had posted earlier that Windows 8 was available to MSDN and Technet subscribers. Well if you don’t have one of those memberships but want to take the software for a ride, you’re in

The Microsoft Office 2013 Consumer Preview is available for download

Microsoft have released the first public preview of the next version of Office. It’s called Office 2013 and it has a ton of new features and Windows 8 compaitibility/hooks. Office 2013 can be downloaded now here! It

Windows 8 Phone will be available in 180 countries later this year

Microsoft revealed last week that Windows 8 Phone will be available in 180 countries when it launches later this year and they have finally revealed which countries will be getting it. In a company blog post, Microsoft

Windows 8 Developer Preview is now available

Start your engines. The Windows 8 Developer Preview is now available for download. Here’s the URL http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/home/