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November Update Breaks Down PCs Running Avast

So I guess the blame this time lies with AVAST Software, although they have been quick to respond with fixes for Windows 8.1 users using their security solutions. Reports posted on the official company site, as well

AVAST Says That Windows XP Users Are Six Times More Likely To Get Attacked

Six times more likely to get hacked than users running Windows 7, that is. 20 days now remain before the aging OS reaches end of support, and it is pull-the-trigger-or-risk-everything time right now. And in order to

Avast! Free Antivirus To Support Windows XP For At Least Three More Years

Another antivirus provider has announced support for Windows XP. And while a lot of antivirus makers plan to support the old platform for another year, AVAST is willing to stand by it for a lot longer. Three

Windows XP Retirement Could Cause A Major Security Crisis, Says AVAST

Windows XP, the classic old operating system is set for official retirement on April 8, 2014. But it seems that only a portion of users are doing something about this important occasion. Not everyone is prepared to