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Microsoft Tops The List Of Best Companies To Work For In Sweden

Microsoft has, traditionally, always been considered one of the best employers in the world ever since it’s early days when the company employee headcount was…


Microsoft Tops The Best Company To Work For List In The UAE

The Redmond technology titan commands an impressive global presence. Not just commanding it seems, but highly esteemed as well, as a local study places Microsoft…


Umm Popular Mechanics give Windows 8 and the Surface an award?

So this is interesting. Popular Mechanics, the popular technology periodical/magazine/website has given Microsoft a huge award. This for products that haven’t even been released. They gave Windows 8…


My year as a Microsoft MVP and the 7 reasons Microsoft need to fix their "MVP" program

Oh I was going to hold my tongue. I really really tried but… I just can’t let it go. I was doing so well until I…