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Microsoft Announces Windows Server 2019

So, we are getting a 2019 version, then! Microsoft has officially unveiled Windows Server 2019, alongside making the first preview of this server variant of its OS available for download. As announced, Windows Server 2019 is seeing

Windows Azure Team Acquires Startup MetricsHub

One of the things I like about Microsoft is that they are very good about getting new companies and startups excited about developing for Microsoft-related products and technologies. In October, Microsoft announced that they picked 10 companies

Try Windows Server 2012 using Windows Azure Demo

There are tons of great tools from Microsoft for IT administrators, organizations and IT professionals. Some of the biggest hitters would be Windows Server 2012 and Windows Azure. Is your organization considering Windows Server 2012? Whether you

Microsoft launch Devcamps for Windows 8, Windows Phone, Azure and the Web

Interesting new website from Microsoft for their Developer Camps. The URL is It basically is a hub for Windows Phone, Windows Azure, Web technologies and Windows 8 training. When you click on the Windows Camps link you

What is up with Microsoft’s cloud video TV commercials?

Microsoft are a large company with a large product portfolio so on one hand, you can make the argument that they are brand managing many messages. The one thing that seems consistent across the company is that

Windows Video – Building social games for Windows 8 with Windows Azure

Another video from Microsoft. Building a great social gaming experience for your users can be a challenging task. Your game has to be well designed, have a great user interface and perform under the most demanding conditions.

Developing for Windows 8 and Windows Azure apps

A new Microsoft training video. This one discusses the fundamental concepts of Windows Azure and how they can be applied to provide connected experiences for Windows 8 users. Also, Microsoft demonstrate how to use the development environment,

Microsoft’s Cloud Services Are Faster Than Google’s and Amazon’s

Compuware recently concluded a year-long cloud service providers test between the three biggest current competitiors: Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Microsoft was the fastest for the entire duration of the test. Microsoft’s Azure loaded in just 6.07 second