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Windows Blue Start Screen To Feature Animated Tattoos

Microsoft has already confirmed that it will be offering several new customization options for the Windows Blue Start Screen, and a new report now confirms an interesting new setting. The Start Screen will be significantly improved in

Windows 8.1 will let you use your desktop wallpaper on the Start Screen

Another update from Paul Thurrott today. Seems like Windows 8.1 will let you update the background of your Start Screen with custom wallpaper. The wallpaper in the image above is not from Windows 8.1 but is an

Windows 8 Tip: Changing the Lock screen background

With Windows 8, Microsoft introduced a newway of changing the lock screen background. Earlier versions of Windows did not have this feature. Changing the Windows 8 lock screen background is a fairly easy and simple procedure. The

Windows 8 Feature request (again):Background Updates

The image I am about to show you is the image I hate the most in any Windows interface. I’m sure I have made this request on my blog before but I have to once again get

Windows 8 logon screen background for Windows 7

So this is a pretty cool tweak for Windows 7. If you would like to have the Windows 8 wallpaper (below) as your Windows 7 logon background, here’s what you need to do.. Download the Windows 8