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OneDrive Automatic Folder Protection Now Available

Available to all, that is to say. Microsoft has started rolling out the automation folder protection feature for OneDrive for all users. This was previously a business only option. But since Redmond means business, it has made

How To Turn On File History In Windows 10

You can use File History feature in Windows 10 to automatically back up versions of your files on a schedule to your specified location. It could be any internal or external drive, USB, hard disk, or even

How to use File History in Windows 8

In this post we are going to learn all about ‘File History’ in Windows 8 and how to implement the automated back up feature. We’ve all had that frustrating moment when we’re working on a project and there’s a

BackupAgent Brings Backup To Windows Azure

The ongoing battle to lower storage and hosting costs in the cloud continues, and sees to it that businesses and users both accelerate their transition to the cloud kingdom. Windows Azure continues to gather new additions. This

How Vaultpress saved my Windows 8 website from over 2000 404 errors

So imagine running a very successful Windows 8 blog with thousands of daily visitors. Imagine working with your technical staff to upgrade and update a piece of your site (Windows 8 Forums) and then disaster happens –

Windows 8 Update – Software Giveaway – 3 licenses – Cloudberry S3 Backup Desktop

Hey people, even more free software for you at! This week, we have been graced with 3 free licenses of Cloudberry S3 Backup Desktop. Cloudberry S3 Backup Desktop provides a powerful Backup and Restore program designed to