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China Also Developing A Homegrown Smartphone OS

The Chinese odyssey coming to an end? For Microsoft and Google both? The country is ready to develop its own homegrown smartphone OS in order to take on Android. Windows 8 installation is already banned on government

China Asks Microsoft Not To Obstruct Antitrust Probe

Not that Redmond plans to, or anything. But hey, a warning is a warning. The Chinese government has finally provided some official details about the raid on Microsoft offices across the country. Authorities raided four Microsoft offices

Chinese Government Raids Microsoft Offices In China

An unexpected visit, a much unexpected visit. There is little trouble in big China, as the dispute between Microsoft and Chinese authorities took another turn. For the worse, obviously. The company has confirmed that government officials made

OneDrive Blocked In China, Report

It had to eventually happen. When you block one thing, nothing stops a cycle from starting. But then again, it really is the easy way out, no wonder so many countries do one type of blocking or

Microsoft Office Now Banned By The Chinese Government

First it was Windows 8, and now it is Redmond’s biggest breadwinner. China has now banned the use of Office, in what is clearly a move to distance the country from Microsoft software. The news that the

Microsoft Strikes Back, Combats China On Windows 8 Backdoor Claims

Little trouble in big China? Microsoft and China have had a troubled relationship these past few months, and both entities are at odds over the Windows operating system. Things escalated quickly in recent weeks when the use

China Believes Windows 8 Steals Contacts, Phone Numbers And More

The Chinese odyssey with Microsoft’s newest operating system continues. And how! It emerged earlier today that the government recommend authorities in the Jiangsu province to cancel orders for computers running Windows 8. And soon after that a

China Banned Windows 8 Due To Fears Of US Spying, After All

Spy games. It had to come down to this, one way or another. Once again politics reared its head in the world of computing technology, but this is a fact that should not surprise anybody in this

China’s ban on Windows 8 is due to high cost, or is it?

As the saying goes, if you are about to do a cloudy deal, better do it swiftly. China recently took everyone by surprise when it was announced that installation of Windows 8 was to be banned on

Skype Could Face Ban By The Saudi Arabian Government

As open as we all would like technology to be the ground realities usually are different. Several products and services have had to live through bans and limitations from governments around the world. The latest addition in