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Nokia Lumia 1520 Reportedly Set For September 26 Launch

September 26 is turning out to be quite a momentous day for Nokia. While there was a hint of a doubt that the Finnish company may change its plans after the announcement that it is selling its

Check Out The First Nokia Lumia 1520 Press Render

Speculation on Nokia’s first phablet have been around for an age now, but the 6-inch Lumia 1520 smartphone was said to be in existence a few weeks ago. The Finnish telecom giant, however, has not commented on

Leaked Nokia Lumia 1520 Screenshot Shows Six Column Live Tiles Layout

Well, you have got to hand it to the rumor mill when it comes to Windows Phone (particularly Nokia) devices. Most of the reports and speculation surrounding these devices proves to be true. And when it comes

Nokia Lumia 1520 Said To Be Similar In Dimensions To Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

With several new smartphones and a new flagship officially unveiled by Nokia, attention is now shifting to the Finnish company’s first ever phablet. The large screen device is rumored to hit the market as the Lumia 1520.

Is This The Nokia Lumia 1520 Next To The Lumia 1020?

Nokia has long been rumored an entry into the phablet (or large screen smartphone, if you will) domain, and the anticipation only grew as the company unleashed its Windows Phone 8 based Lumia lineup. And these past

Reuters Report Pretty Much Confirms Nokia Phablet For September

The age of large screen Windows Phone device is dawning. According to the latest reports on the matter, Finnish telecom giant Nokia is reportedly gearing up to launch its first device to pack a screen larger than

Nokia’s 6-Inch Windows Phone 8 Phablet Said To Be In Testing

The age of full HD, 1080p resolution Windows Phone smartphones is finally upon us. There have already been reports about Nokia’s 6-inch smartphone, codenamed Bandit. And the latest one the matter is that the phablet is already