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Microsoft Is Working On An Interactive Reader App For Windows 8.1

There have been recent rumors that Microsoft is currently developing its own reading app for Windows, one that would allow interactive reading of books, magazines and comics. A Microsoft job listing a few weeks back even confirmed

Rumor: Microsoft Looking To Buy Barnes And Noble

As rumors go, this is one the juiciest ones to come around this year. Barnes and Noble is the biggest in the books business, as far as retail presence goes. But the company has seen better days.

Barnes and Noble deny involvement in today’s Microsoft announcement

The plot thickens. The website TheVerge is reporting that Barnes and Noble have ruled out any involvement in Microsoft’s mystery announcement today. Update: A Barnes & Noble spokesperson has confirmed to The Verge that the company is not part of

Microsoft has fully embraced the Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet

Yesterday (Monday), Microsoft teamed up bookselling giant Barnes & Noble in a joint venture. This is squarely aimed at grabbing a bigger share of the rapidly growing market for electronic books. Microsoft will make a $300 million

Barnes & Noble introduce the revised Nook Tablet

Barnes & Noble is throwing their hat into theb tablet ring with the Nook Tablet. This is a $249 lightweight tablet optimzed for reading e-books, streaming movies and browsing the Web. This Nook is the next-generation of