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Surface Book 2 Suffers From Battery Drain, Microsoft Admits

The recently released Surface Book 2 may be a monster when it comes to performance, but even monsters have their issues. And one such problem is now official. As in, Microsoft has confirmed it. According to this

How To Change When Screen Turns Off In Windows 10

Since a screen is the biggest drain on your laptop or tablet battery, Windows 10 automatically turns it off after a set period of time when the device is not in use. You can, of course, modify

Microsoft Band Runs For 48 Hours On A Single Charge

If battery life is one of the biggest considerations for smartphone, it perhaps is the biggest for wearables. Microsoft Band, luckily, delivers some innovations on the battery front. The first ever wearable device from Redmond was announced

New Breed Of Lithium-Ion Battery Keeps Running For 20 Years

Innovation in battery technologies is a mixed bag. While we’ve seen some amazing discoveries, they rarely make it to the market. Result being, manufacturers are still stuck in a limbo. Currently, the batteries on most mobile devices

Windows Phone Battery Life Versus Android Is Around 10% Better

While practical improvements in battery life of mobile devices have been rather sluggish, the Windows Phone battery life versus Android is a heated topic of discussion. Theoretically, the Android platform will almost always end up in second

Microsoft Developing Phones With One Week Of Battery Life

Had battery technologies improved as much as say computer graphics card or hard disk storage space, we’d probably be using mobile devices with a year of usage on a single charge. As things are, most would settle

Windows RT 8.1 Suffers From A Battery Bug On Surface RT, Microsoft Issues Fix

Boy, Windows RT 8.1 sure has had a splendidly storied launch. Microsoft rolled out the new update on October 17, but had to pull it down real quick short after it was available on the Windows Store.

Nokia Lumia 1520 Set To Get A 3400 mAh Battery

The Finnish telecom titan is all set to announce its first ever phablet, the large screen Windows Phone 8 smartphone that reportedly goes by the name of Lumia 1520. And these past few weeks have provided us

Microsoft Preparing Power Cover For Surface With Built In Battery

Redmond is reportedly working on its second generation Surface tablet lineup, but at the same time the technology titan promised a bunch of new accessories for its branded slates that are to be released in the near

Windows 8.1 Battery Bug Can Be Fixed By Turning Bluetooth On

The public preview version of Windows 8.1 expectedly comes with a several bugs, some of which are rather widespread. One such issue that has popped up recently is the one that quickly drains the battery on Surface