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Futuremark Announces PCMark 8 Benchmark For Windows

Futuremark Announces PCMark 8 Benchmark For Windows   Ever since the release of Windows 8, the folks over at Futuremark have been rather busy. The company recently released the latest version of 3DMark, its popular graphics and

Windows Phone 7.8 Does Not Bring Any Noticeable Performance Improvements

Windows 8 Is Twice As Fast As Windows XP On A Seven Year Old Laptop

Need proof? We’ve got a video below. Anyway, call it better optimization, finer coding, or improved compatibility and synchronization with hardware. Of course, you can also say that Microsoft woke up and decided that operating systems out

New 3DMark Finally Released

Bang on target, today saw the release of the latest version of Futuremark’s benchmarking suite. After a series of delays and dismays the company finally set the launch date of February 4 last week. While the previous

3DMark For Windows 8 Set For 2013 Release

Benchmarking software from Futuremark have long been industry standard. The latest version of 3DMark was already confirmed more than a year ago when Futuremark announced that it is developing a dedicated version for Windows 8. Most expected