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Windows 10 ARM Benchmarks Hint At A Weak Affair

No one expected Windows 10 ARM based devices to be the most powerful in the room, but it appears that users hoping these machines to offer good performance levels will be left disappointed. That’s because a series

Leaked Benchmark Reveals Microsoft Lumia 1330 Specifications

Of all the new Windows Phone Microsoft is currently working on, the Lumia 1330 seems like it has a very solid chance of becoming official in the coming weeks. Or months. We’ve heard a fair bit about

Year Old Lumia 1520 Smokes The iPhone 6, And How!

Not many people expected Apple to take the foot of the pedal in this fashion for the A8 processor, but according to preliminary benchmarks the iPhone 6 doesn’t exactly leaps in performance. At least in the graphics

HTC One M8 Now The Fastest Windows Phone In The World

As expected. Although it does not come with revolutionary new hardware, the HTC One M8 has now become the fastest Windows Phone in the world. Overtaking the previous champion, the Nokia Lumia 1520 in the process. The

Internet Explorer 11 On Windows Phone 8.1 Benchmarked, Improvements Aplenty

For Microsoft, one of the more important parts of the mobile puzzle is the Internet Explorer web browser that is available on several of the company’s platforms. Now, many early adapters of Windows Phone 8.1, the ones

Mysterious Snapdragon 805 2K Windows Device Shows Up In Benchmarks

What, is it time for surprises, already? Qualcomm has been pushing for the 4K standard for a few months now. Since last November in fact, when it unveiled the Snapdragon 800 processor capable of handling Ultra HD

Benchmark Windows Phone, iOS And Android Devices With Basemark OS II

Microsoft and friends have up until the recent past not really been concerned with a specs race on mobile devices. Windows Phone is an amazingly optimized operating system and works well on most chips and memory configurations,