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Best Buy Selling A Windows 8.1 Notebook For $99

If you’re in for a new Windows 8.1 notebook, there probably is no better time than now to get one. Deals are flying in left and right, and one promotion in particular took the world by storm.

Best Buy Has Microsoft Lumia 635 For $39 On Black Friday

Another Black Friday deal has been revealed early. And what a steal it is. Best Buy plans to offer the amazing Lumia 635 at a downright bargain price of $39. Well, $39.99, actually — but this is

Best Buy Black Friday Deal Gets You The Surface 2 For $299

That’s good enough for a saving of $150 overall, and sign enough that a newer model is incoming. Best Buy Black Friday deals are up, at least some of them, two weeks before the event. Retailers are

Chicago To Get 24 New Windows Stores

That should make it a total of 37 new Windows Stores in the area, where customers will be able to purchase a number of Microsoft hardware and software products. The company just made it official that 24

Best Buy Offering Microsoft Surface 32GB For Just $199 On Black Friday

When it comes to Microsoft’s retail partners, Best Buy is one of the most important ones around. And the retail giant seems to have prepared a very special deal for fans of Redmond products. It is ready

Best Buy Ready To Offer Up To $350 For Your Surface Tablet

Microsoft is gearing up to unleash its second generation Surface tablets later this month, and as expected, its partners are also joining in the fun as they roll out new promotions and programs to make the most

Microsoft opens very impressive Windows Store inside my local Best Buy

Microsoft was right – their new Best Buy in-store locations have to be seen to be believed. The software maker has invaded my local Best Buy store in Pasadena with a VERY impressive Windows Store. I walked

The New Windows Stores Have To Be Seen To Be Believed, Claims Microsoft

Microsoft is aggressively expanding its retail presence, and the technology company announced a new strategic partnership earlier today to create a Windows Store in every single Best Buy location in the United States and Canada. This makes

Surface Pro 128GB Back In Stock At Best Buy

Microsoft may have announced expanded international availability of the Surface Pro in the near future, but the primary objective of the company remains satisfying demand at home. Amazing demand, as Microsoft put it, actually. Redmond also recently

Microsoft Surface Pro launch – SoCal update

Well, here we are on the Tuesday after the launch of the Surface Pro and 3 Best Buys in my area have no idea when they are going to get ANY Surface Pros in (64 OR 128GB).