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Bing Apps For Windows Phone 8 Get New Updates

Microsoft have just updated the Bing apps for Windows Phone 8, and the new versions of these applications are now available for download on the Windows Phone Store. Usually each time the Bing apps are updated, they

Microsoft Drops Bing From Its Bing Apps On Windows Phone

Redmond has just updated its lineup of Bing apps on Windows Phone, and in the process made some sweeping changes to the naming scheme and even the version numbers of these mobile applications. Two strokes, one brush,

Bing Weather And Sports Apps Updated For Windows Phone 8

The immediate benefit of the One Microsoft philosophy is faster updates to core Microsoft apps and services, and the company has just announced that owners of Windows Phone 8 devices can now install and download updated versions

New Windows 8.1 Features Revealed, Photo Loop Incoming

With mere days remaining in the official launch of the operating system, one would think that pretty much all of the important features of the new OS would have been out in the open. And that is

Microsoft Highlights Refreshed Start Screen And Bing Apps In Windows 8.1

Windows 8 may have been one of the most important operating system launches for Microsoft, but Windows 8.1 is shaping up to be even crucial for the Redmond based technology giant. The company is hoping to grab

Bing Apps Arrive On Windows Phone 8

Redmond sure has a thing going with its Bing lineup of Metro apps on Windows 8. The software titan continuously updates these applications with new features and performance enhancements. Constantly popular, they are a downright integral component

Windows 8.1 brings refined Bing apps

In Windows 8.1, Microsoft has refined Bing apps. You can personalize your Bing News app to just the topics that interest you, whether from curated, top-tier publications or the latest from the Internet. Tracking your portfolio or saving