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Microsoft Modernizes Bing News Ahead Of Windows 8.1 Release

Windows 8, along with Windows Phone, brought around a clean new modern style for Microsoft. Since then the technology titan has been busy updating the user interface of all its products to get them in line with

Windows 8.1 brings refined Bing apps

In Windows 8.1, Microsoft has refined Bing apps. You can personalize your Bing News app to just the topics that interest you, whether from curated, top-tier publications or the latest from the Internet. Tracking your portfolio or saving

Microsoft And The Independent Partner Up To Bring Latest News To Windows 8

Redmond continues to attract publications around the world to its new Windows 8 platform, and this time the company has joined forces with The Independent. The British publisher has partnered up with Microsoft to bring the freshest

Windows 8 – App Highlight: Three New Bing Apps

Windows 8 Release Preview is now out and with it we see a very similar OS to what we saw last time, though it is admittedly a bit more refined in its design. While Aero is still