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Microsoft Earnings Reveal $21.7 Billion Total Revenue

The Redmond based technology giant has released its financial results for the FY15 Q3, that’s third quarter of the fiscal year 2015, and total revenue came in at $21.7 billion. However, profits dropped 12% compared to the

Microsoft And Yahoo Extend Search Partnership

Renew it, actually. Microsoft and Yahoo signed their search deal in 2009, which saw the Bing become the search provider for Yahoo services. The partnership has seen ups and downs, though. There was even recent speculation that

Microsoft Updates Bing Image Search With New Features

Time for one of those regular Bing updates! Redmond has rolled out a new Bing Image Search refresh, providing the service with some subtle layout improvements and a few useful features. Features that improve the quality of

Microsoft Brings Bing Right Into Google Chrome

If you can’t beat them, join them. And then beat them! Bing has seen a lot of action these past couple of years, with Microsoft updating its web search service regularly and routinely. This time around, though,

Bing Correctly Predicted 84% Of Oscars 2015 Winners

A little thing called the Academy Awards were held this past Sunday, also known as Oscars 2015. And Microsoft’s Bing prediction engine once again to amaze by correctly calling the shots. In fact, it only got 4

Microsoft Highlights Bing Search Progress In 2014

Although Yahoo has made some slight progress recently, Microsoft remains the only company that can complete with Google in the search market. The Bing search service is slowly increasing its share. But it’s the Yahoo Bing Network

Facebook Breaks Up With Bing, No Longer Shows Results

Bing is on the richly deserved position of the second most used online search engine in the United States and Europe with some 20% of the market, behind Google, of course. But Microsoft’s search solution took a

Office Clip Art Library Now Replaced With Bing Images

Those of you that used computers in the good old days, the mid to late 90s, may be well familiar with the Office clip art and image library that has been a mainstay on the productivity suite

Microsoft Vying To Become The Default Search Provider On All Apple Products

It’s not often you hear the word vying in technology, but that is exactly what Microsoft and Yahoo! are up for right now, at least as far as the search engine domain is concerned. With Apple’s deal

Bing Rolls Out New Recipe Feature Just In Time For Thanksgiving

The Bing team rarely misses out when it comes to important events. It was only last month that they unveiled new options to search for animated GIFs, just in time for Halloween. You can read up on