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Microsoft Launches New Windows App Builder Blog

Microsoft is zooming along towards the big 100,000 apps milestone for its Windows Store, and with interest in the platform starting to escalate, the company is intensifying its efforts to help coders that want to develop Modern

Share Your Surface Success Story, Microsoft Asks Users

Are you a proud Surface owner? Want to let people know how you are using your shiny new tablet? Then Microsoft’s fresh new monthly series may just be the thing for you. The technology titan will publish

Professor Sinofsky Launches A Blog

The man may have left the party, but not the news. Last month Steven Sinofsky announced on his Twitter account that he would start teaching at Harvard Business School in Massachusetts this spring. He has now created

Windows 8 on ARM – Microsoft clarify

Microsoft have released a MAJOR post attempting to clarify their stance on Windows 8 on the ARM platform. The post is from their Windows 8 Development Blog. Some highlights.. Windows on ARM, or WOA, is a new

Nature’s forced blogging break

As you all may have noticed, the blog updates slowed down over the last few days. That’s primarily because we got hit by the Santa Ana windstorms that rocked Pasadena recently. The storms were clocked at over

Steven Sinofsky clarifies what interactions are appropriate on Microsoft’s Windows 8 Blog

Steven Sinofsky just clarified the type of communications that they are looking for on the new Windows 8 development blog that Microsoft put up a few days ago. Sounds like they are concerned about spam and low

The beat goes on – Another Windows 8 wishlist

Interesting post over at ZDnet today. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is asking for feedback on Windows 8. The post is titled ” What would you like to see in Windows 8?” Here is his list: Custom installer that has

The Windows 8 Italia blog strikes again

The new rumor on the internets about Windows 8 is from the blog windows8italia. Now they are talking about a new concept called “Wind” Here’s what they are saying roughly translated.. Windows 8 will have two interfaces