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Visa, Kraft Executives Join Microsoft’s Board Of Directors

Boy, Microsoft’s board of directors sure has a lot of new faces these days. More were just added today, as the company made official two new appointments. Both will take charge of their new roles on October

Ballmer Era At Microsoft Has Come To An End, Analyst Pleased

Which is saying something, because the former CEO had been at the company for some 34 odd years. Regardless, the Ballmer Era is now behind us, surely. Unless, of course, good old Ballmer pushes for a seat

Read Steve Ballmer’s Final Letter As Board Member

To Satya Nadella, of course. And the CEO has responded in kind. Former Microsoft head Steve Ballmer made a somewhat expected to retire from the company’s board of directors. Expected, no doubt, because of his recent purchase

Steve Ballmer Leaves Microsoft Completely, Steps Down As Board Member

Breaking news. Heartbreaking news, for some. Former CEO Steve Ballmer leaves Microsoft completely, and has just announced his decision to step down as board member. He is currently the company’s number one individual shareholder, and now finds

John Stanton Now Has A Microsoft Board Of Directors Seat

And one more! Microsoft have been making top management changes hard and fast, and now we have another addition to the board, bringing the total seats to eleven. Redmond describes John W. Stanton as a pioneer and

Steve Ballmer Thinking About Leaving Microsoft Completely

Well he is almost near retirement age, anyway! Former Microsoft CEO of 13 years, Steve Ballmer, was officially replaced by a new face, Satya Nadella, last month. However, he has remained with the company as a director.

Microsoft Loses Board Member, As Stephen Luczo Departs

You win some, you sure as daylight lose some. The only question here is who has won and who could end up on the losing side, as Microsoft continues its transformation plan with another change. This time

Week In Review (Mar 10 – Mar 14)

Another week where Microsoft let the silence do all the talking. Although Redmond dropped hints about its two upcoming operating systems, Windows 8.1 Update 1 and Windows Phone 8.1, at the MWC 2014, the company is yet

ValueAct Capital President Added To Microsoft’s Board Of Directors

It’s remarkable what some $2 billion in coins gets you these days! ValueAct Capital chose Microsoft as its next target, injected in a little dough, and has now been granted a seat in the company’s board. Oh,

Two Influential Shareholders Want Nadella To Get Rid Of Bing, Xbox And Surface

And the politics begin! There are many that swear by Microsoft products like Bing, Xbox and Surface, claiming these businesses to be absolutely vital for the long term future and relevancy of the company in the technology