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New Book Claims Stephen Elop Was Just A Bad CEO For Nokia

Stephen Elop had a pretty thankless job when he took charge of Nokia as CEO. His association with Microsoft and the decision of adopting Windows Phone 7 however made it even more thankless. Technology circles started calling

Windows 8.1 App Watch: Cover

The biggest benefit when you jump early into app development on a new platform is the ease at which you can secure the best names. This new comic app goes by the simple and elegant name of

New Windows 8 Book on the way – Building Windows 8 Metro Style Apps with HTML5 & JavaScript [Paperback]

There’s a new Windows 8 Book available for pre-order. It’s called Building Windows 8 Metro Style Apps with HTML5 & JavaScript and it’s being written by Jaime Rodriguez. Here’s the promo about the book: Building Windows 8 Metro

The death of print and the rise of tablets – sad but necessary

This evening at the mall with my family, we saw that Borders (the bookstore) was going out of business. For those outside of the US, Borders was a really cool chain of bookstores that always had the