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Windows 10 Privacy

Windows 10 Gets New Privacy Settings

A new preview version of Windows 10 went live today, build 17115. And although it brings nothing major in terms of new features, Microsoft has…


How To Create A Recovery Boot Drive USB In Windows 10

For a rainy day! Although Windows 10 is the most stable and reliable operating system Microsoft has ever put out, it still is a good…


Here Is A Simple Tip To Boot Directly To All Apps View In Windows 8.1 Preview

Windows 8.1 comes with a dedicated option that allows users to skip the Start screen and boot directly to the desktop when they start their…


Boot directly to the Windows 8 desktop – Skip Metro Suite

You know, I predicted this would happen. Back in May, I said the following: It is clear to me that forcing users who just aren’t ready…


Yikes – tip to boot directly to the desktop in Windows 8

  Laptopmag have posted a tip on how to somewhat bypass the metro interface when you start your PC. Here’s how they do it. Create an Explorer script…


How Does Windows 8 Boot Faster?

So we all know that Windows 8 will boot a lot faster than previous versions of Windows. It will boot in about ten seconds (That’s…


Windows 8: Boot your machine near-instantly

Microsoft seems to be putting a premium on improving the start times in Windows 8. A March 2010 Windows Planning Survey polled 545 customers about 21…