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Nokia Will License Its Brand Name To Microsoft For 10 Years

When speaking in terms of brand recognition and historical value, the name Nokia is right up there at the very top. But with Microsoft moving ahead with its acquisition of the Finnish company’s devices and services unit,

How will Microsoft brand position Windows 8.1 to consumers?

So you can preorder Windows 8.1 or preorder Windows 8.1 Pro starting today. This begs the very obvious question: How will Microsoft position this Operating System update to consumers. Consumers are (by now) familiar with Windows 8 and

We Will Improve The Windows Brand, Ballmer Pledges At The Analyst Meeting

Outgoing CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer may not be there at the next financial analyst meeting in Redmond, but he sure made quite an impression at this year’s appearance. Taking the stage at the company’s meeting with

Microsoft Planning To Expand The Surface Brand With Nokia’s Help

Microsoft and Nokia penned new deal on Monday to sees Redmond take over the Finnish giant’s devices and services division. Needless to say, this new acquisition is pretty much the talk of the town right now. While

Microsoft Issues A Statement On The SkyDrive Name Change

If it’s not already there, Redmond’s cloud storage solution is fast becoming one of the most key factors of the true Windows experience. The software titan has (and is) integrating SkyDrive features into the Windows operating system.

Intel Rumored To Retire The Atom Brand Name Soon

There were rumors on this before, but now it appears increasingly likely that Intel will drop the Atom brand name in the very near future. Not the architecture, mind you, just the brand name. The chip giant

The Reason Why a Microsoft-Branded Phone WILL Come Soon

To my mind, the phone above represents the reason why a Microsoft-made phone running Windows Phone 8 will become available in 2013. Right now, Google’s Nexus 4 smartphone is sold out – unavailable. Apparently they cannot keep

Microsoft Intent On Turning ‘Surface’ Into A Brand

Microsoft may have been late to the party, but it nevertheless has grand plans for the occasion. The company recently launched the Surface line of tablets, but it seems that is actually the first of a bunch

Should Brand Loyality Matter That Much?

Whether we are talking about video game systems, computer platforms, televisions, or really any electronic device at all, one thing remains: brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is also harshly known by many around the Internet as fanboyism. My

Is it time for the rebranding of Windows?

The website is reporting that Microsoft may be considering rebranding the entire Windows ecosystem and here’s the kicker – scrapping the Windows name might be an option. The excerpt: Turns out that almost exactly describes something we heard