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Microsoft Wallet Is Now Microsoft Pay

And, we have another rename! Microsoft Wallet may have been the name of the credit card manager in Windows 98, but the company evolved it into the Wallet app for Windows Phone 8. It regained its full

Windows Store Is Now Microsoft Store

Continuing on with its legacy of rebranding things at the whim, Microsoft has announced that the Windows Store will henceforth be known as Microsoft Store. In Windows 10, and beyond. This renaming has got all to do

Microsoft Shuts Its Surface Support Twitter Account

But the Surface line isn’t going anywhere! Right? Not the most ideal news, but Microsoft has made the decision to close its Surface support Twitter account. And instead is pushing customers towards the Microsoft Support Twitter account

Microsoft Might Be Forced To Rename Skype In Europe

The European odyssey continues for Microsoft, and the market is slowly becoming a bit of a hostile environment for the company, at least when it comes to legal issues. After the hefty fine handed to it by

Back Cover Shows Microsoft Branding In Leaked Lumia 1330 Images

Boy, the Lumia 1330 surely has taken over from a handset in limb, the McLaren, also known as the Lumia 1030. The former is leaked on a regular basis these past few weeks. And even though Microsoft

Microsoft To Rename Windows Phone to Windows Mobile?

Windows Mobile, like really? A name change for Windows Phone has been on the cards for a while now, even though nothing official emerged on, what could be a very high-profile rebranding. There were some that thought

Microsoft Teases Its First Lumia Branded Windows Phone

Microsoft is in the mood to tease. The company has been mum and light on details regarding its first Lumia branded Windows Phone that has been doing the rounds via unofficial reports. Some reckon that the device

Leaked Photos Reveal The First Microsoft Branded Phone

Microsoft has already made it official a couple of weeks back that it would be replacing the Nokia monikers on its Windows Phone devices with the Microsoft Lumia brand. But that announcement did not detail when the

Microsoft Lumia Officially Replaces The Nokia Brand

The classy Microsoft logo is now going to be a norm on new smartphones, as we have official confirmation that Microsoft Lumia brand is now going to be used. Along with the reality that the Nokia name

Microsoft Replaces The Nokia Brand With Microsoft Lumia

Another big transition for Redmond. Microsoft Lumia is now pretty much a brand, as the company is said to have finally made the decision to drop the Nokia name. The company has made subtle tweaks over the