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Microsoft Lumia 640 With Digital TV Support Incoming

The Nokia Lumia 630 is about to get a successor in the form of the Microsoft Lumia 640, which evidence suggests could be presented next month at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. While the company’s MWC

Windows Phone Overtakes iOS In One More Market

Microsoft’s going all in with bringing the Windows Phone platform to more affordable price points, and it is only a matter of time the operating system solidifies its position as the second most popular choice. And the

Nokia Lumia 520 Saves A Police Officer From Taking A Bullet

Now, that’s what I call dodging a bullet! We just might have figured out the real reason why the Nokia Lumia 520 are so successful. These little buggers are rock solid and can even take a bullet.

Microsoft Brings Office To 4 Million Users Free Of Charge

Redmond continues announcing new deals for its Office 365 service left and right, both corporate and nonprofit. And back in October the company announced Student Advantage, a new program that offer students a way to access Office

Microsoft Surface Pro Launch – January 29th in Rio?

Updated Malware Targets Windows 8 PCs, Uses Google Docs

Symantec has notified Windows 8 users through its blog, about the threat of a backdoor Trojan Horse called Backdoor.Makadocs. This piece of malware presents itself as a Word document, uses a Google Docs server as a proxy