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Internet Explorer 11 Said To Include The Click To Call Option

The Windows 8.1 Preview build is soon to be unleashed. And with it we should be getting our hands on a test version of the upcoming Internet Explorer 11 later this week. But according to some new

WebGL Support In Internet Explorer 11 Hinted By Microsoft In New Video

It was not so long ago that Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft’s in-house browser was at the forefront of latest web technologies. In short, it was driving innovation with each new version. And while newer versions of IE

Internet Explorer 10 Market Share Doubled, Thanks To Windows 7

There are juggernauts and there are behemoths. And then there is Windows 7. The beloved operating system finds itself firmly on nearly half the computers in the world. It is reasonable, then to expect some fireworks when

Internet Explorer Maintains Second Place In Latest StatCounter Data

Statistics often have a funny, polarizing side to them, particularly if the data sample is limited. This practically is the case with web browser usage statistics, which frequently provide conflicting numbers. Tallying web browser usage is, after

Browsers Block Bing Due To Security Certificate Issues

Oh no, the dreaded security certificate issue popped up its ugly head once again! This time the victim is the Bing search engine that got blocked by web browsers over the weekend that essentially prevents users from

Twitter Will Soon Drop Support For IE6 And IE7 For Its Website

The two classic browser versions from Microsoft are soon set to sail into the west. Over the past few months, Redmond made its intentions of retiring Internet Explorer 6 very clear. The software titan recently launched a

Microsoft Gears Up To Patch Major Internet Explore Pwn2Own Flaw

Early this morning Microsoft announced a new batch of updates (for Windows and Internet Explorer, among other products) that are set for release next week. These are part of the company’s monthly Patch Tuesday cycle. As is

Internet Explorer Still Fighting It Out With Chrome, StatCounter Data Shows

Microsoft has, in the past few months, spared some very active promotion for Internet Explorer. But the browser itself has had a bit of a tough time at the top with Google Chrome, latest statistics show. Different

Google And Opera Reportedly Behind Microsoft’s EU Fine

Well, well, well. Who would have thought Google, of all the technology companies in the world, would be such a tattletale — particularly with a corporate motto like Do No Evil. The biggest news these past few

Final Version Of Internet Explorer 10 For Windows 7 Gearing Up For Launch

Microsoft is getting ready to release the final version of its flagship browser, Internet Explorer 10, for Windows 7. The browser is currently only available for Windows 8. Inside sources revealed to The Register that Microsoft’s Internet