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Microsoft Warning Users Against Chrome, Firefox

Be warned. Microsoft sure likes to court controversy when it can, as this latest episode shows. The company has been caught dissuading users from installing rival browsers. Like Chrome and Firefox, and more. Now, admittedly, Microsoft Edge

Chrome Picks Up Native Windows 10 Notifications

At long last. Google has finally added support for native Windows 10 notifications to Chrome, with the development team rolling out this feature out to version 68 of the web browser. Which is, pretty much the most

Google Chrome Is Uncatchable On PC

How to catch a web browser. Google Chrome remains one of the most successful applications on the Windows platform, with the latest data showing the browser leading the charts like nothing else. Data provided by StatCounter for

Edge Extensions Get New Features

Microsoft Edge has its work cut out in getting closer to rivals like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and one reason for that is because Redmond rolls out updates at a very slow pace for it. The

Puffin Web Browser Comes To Windows

Edge has a new challenger! Puffin Web Browser is the newest kid on the block to launch on the Windows platform, promising a huge speed increase over the default Microsoft app. It’s available right now as a

Google Quietly Releases An App On The Windows Store

And it’s not what you expect. Google has shied away from the Windows Store ever since the launch of Microsoft’s modern operating platform, and the situation isn’t any closer to changing. However, despite its policy of not

Edge Could Automatically Switch To Private Mode

If you want. Private browsing is a feature that is becoming more and more accepted by users and is now found in all good web browsers. Edge, it seems, is looking to take things to the next

Microsoft All Set To Retire The Reader App

Some things are just to be expected. The retirement of the Reader app that Microsoft created for users of Windows 8, and brought along for the ride in Windows 10 as well. But with the Edge web

Firefox Quantum Launches

Firefox Quantum, the latest version of the Mozilla browser, is here. Not only is it faster and lighter, with noticeably smoother overall operations, and comes with a new logo, it also messes up extensions. Expected. The developer

Users Replacing Edge With Chrome At A Rapid Pace

The browser wars. They’ve been quite one sided for some time now, and things probably won’t change anytime soon, as Edge continued its slow decline this past month. Meanwhile, Chrome saw another uptick as it closed in