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Microsoft Bug Bounty Program, Now For Online Services

Redmond might not be overly keen on bug bounty programs, but it has slowly accepted the concept. The newest Microsoft bug bounty is for the company’s online services. That’s right, this full scale program is for people

Microsoft Explains The Logic Behind Paying Security Experts For Finding Vulnerabilities

They say work on Windows never stops at Redmond. The company is deep into development on a number of operating platforms, from updates for Windows 8.1 to full new versions like Windows 9. And as is always

The $100,000 Bug Bounty For Windows 8.1 Has Been Extended By Microsoft

Back in June this year, Microsoft launched a Windows 8.1 bug bounty campaign, with the intention of encouraging more security researchers to find and report security flaws in its newest operating system. The programs were a success,

Microsoft Has Handed Out $100,000 For A Windows 8.1 Exploit

Redmond takes the security of its software very, very seriously, and if you ever needed more proof of this, the bug bounty program Microsoft launched should be more than enough. The company promised to offer cash prizes

Microsoft Has Paid $28,000 For Its Internet Explorer 11 Bounty Program

Microsoft takes the security of its flagship web browser very seriously, and nowhere is this more evident than the Internet Explorer 11 bug bounty program that the technology titan had rolled out. This initiative was launched back