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Skype For Windows 8.1 Updated With Important Bug Fix

The Modern UI port of Skype for Microsoft’s modern operating platform became the default instant messaging tool on Windows 8.1, replacing the previous Messaging app that was available on Windows 8. Since then, the app has received

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Wi-Fi connectivity problem and fix

So I’m still slogging my Microsoft Surface Pro around seeing how it works (or doesn’t) for my lifestyle. I just encountered my first Surface Pro 2 wi-fi connectivity problem. I’m at Starbucks and was trying to connect

Buggy NVIDIA Driver Said To Be Cause Of Surface RT Audio Issue, Here Is A Fix

The latest Surface RT firmware update that launched earlier this month broke down the sound on some of the tablets. A number of owners confirmed the unexpected sound drops when watching a movie or listening to a

Skype Goes Down For Microsoft Account Users

Microsoft’s VoIP platform has seen remarkable growth over the past few years, but the company’s decision to retire the Windows Live Messenger service and migrate users over to Skype has led to the platform getting even more

Trackpad Settings App Update Fixes The Surface Pro Touch Cover Bug

A couple of months into release, Microsoft Surface Pro still is one of the most desirable technology gadgets, even as Redmond tries to bring its deluxe tablets to more and more worldwide markets. But like most first-generation

Microsoft Officially Rolls Out Fix For Update KB2823324

All’s well that ends well. The devious little update KB2823324 that was part of Microsoft’s April Patch Tuesday update had caused a bit of a ruckus for a lot of users that had installed it. The buggy

Microsoft Nails Down The Problem With Update KB2823324

Something strange happened last week, when one of the updates released by Microsoft as part of its monthly Patch Tuesday update cycle broke down Windows 7 for a number of users. As we reported last week, the

Microsoft Confirms That KB2823324 Update Breaks Down Windows 7

Redmond has a more than excellent track record when it comes to delivering updates and patches. But once in a while a little hitch goes through creating problems for users. Today is that once in a while.

Microsoft Has Apparently Fixed The Surface Random Muting Bug

Never a bad feeling reading about something like this, that is a given. It has been over three months since the random muting issue for Surface tablets was reported, but now seems Microsoft may just have quashed

Surface Windows Key Bug Confirmed By Microsoft, Fix Promised