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Unified pricing scheme results in strange Windows Store price changes

BUILD 2014 is mostly about coding and build applications for the various Microsoft platforms, and true to the nature of the event, the company highlighted a number of important new changes at the event earlier this month

Microsoft Details Content Sharing And File Upload Download On Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 is shaping up to be a real gem when it comes to mobile operating systems, and fans that have been waiting for its release are in for quite a treat this summer. Microsoft unveiled

Here Is The Video That Shows The Returning Start Menu In Action

One of the bigger news stories, at least in the world of computing technology, was the official confirmation that Microsoft would be bringing back the Start Menu in a future update for Windows. For obvious reasons, of

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate BUILD 2014?

So just like that, BUILD 2014 has come and gone. Microsoft share plenty of plans for the present, some insights for the future, and a vision or two for the times ahead. Overall, April 2 and 3

Organizations Can Now Easily Sideload Apps In Windows 8.1

Sideloading is a term that might sound a little intimidating for some users. In reality, though, it is a simple enough concept that means installation of applications outside the official defined ecosystem. For Windows 8.1, as an

Microsoft Wants To Bring Windows In Cars

The operating system, that is. Almost all cars have windows of some sorts. But Microsoft is now developing a completely new technology that brings its OS into vehicles. This new flavor of the platform will give drivers

Where In The Blue Blazes Was Windows 9 At BUILD 2014?

Rumors, technology rumors in particular, should always be taken at face value. They can turn out to be true as easily as they can be false. Microsoft, for instance, was expected to talk about a couple of

Microsoft Showcases Office Touch For Windows 8 At BUILD

There are some that believe that the classic Microsoft experience is still not complete on touch. Sure, the company has released a couple of flavors of its Office productivity suite. But they are not overly optimized for

Refreshed IE11 To Be Included In Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8 Update

Redmond has done a splendid job modernizing its web browser on all platforms. No longer is Internet Explorer stuck in the early 2000s, and the newer versions can duke it out with Chrome and Firefox easy. We

Windows Is Now Free For Small Devices, Microsoft Explains Why

It took a little while coming, but Microsoft has finally decided on making Windows free of charge for manufactures that plan on building device smaller than 9 inches in size. Terry Myerson of Microsoft revealed this on