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Take A Look At Another New Windows 8.1 Build 9385 Screenshot

When it comes to preview builds, Windows 8.1 has had its fair share of leaks. More than a handful of versions have made their way to, um, shady places on the Internet, including public torrent trackers. This

Windows 8.1 Build 9385 Sent To Developers For Testing

The public debut of Microsoft’s upcoming operating system Windows 8.1 is nearing. If a look at the calendar or the various news stories in the media do not tell you this much, the various leaked builds sure

Windows 8.1 build 9385 may already be available to select Microsoft partners

9385.0.PRE_PARTNER_OUT13.130412-2105 That may be the build string of the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows Blue (8.1). Speculation has it that this build is right in the middle of Milestone 2 and pre-beta development stage. Some are indicating that this