Build 9471 Archive

Video Shows Windows 8.1 Build 9471 In Action, Watch Here

Windows 8.1 build 9471 recently got leaked, not only confirming that Microsoft is very close to completing work on the OS, but also providing us with a near final idea of how it looks. Needless to say,

Leaked Windows 8.1 Build 9471 Brings Several New Features

It has been a dry few months for technology enthusiasts that try out the latest beta versions of software before it is released. The last leaked Windows 8.1 build came out one fine May morning. But as

Winbeta take a video sneak peek at Windows 8.1 build 9471

The good folks at have done a preliminary sneak peek at Windows 8.1 Build 9471 video. The video is a little rushed but the screen quality isn’t half bad. The author gives a little walkthrough around

The leaks have begun – Windows 8.1 Build 9471 is out

A near feature complete version of Windows 8.1 appears to have leaked onto the Interwebs. The Build , dubbed 9471 has leaked onto the internet just days before the official RTM is expected to be announced. As