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Surface Future Is PoS

Hey, now, don’t get any funny ideas! PoS, as in a Point of Sale terminal. Surface is one product line that likes to go places, and this time around Microsoft seems to preparing it for a PoS

Lenovo V730 Business Laptop Leaks

No ThinkPad this time around? Looks like Lenovo is preparing a new kind of a laptop, one that does not fall under the company’s Think brand. The V730 is the name of this new creation that has

The HP EliteOne 1000 G1 All-In-One Means Business

Alongside announcing two new EliteBook PCs, HP also made official the EliteOne 1000 G1 AIO, which is designed as an all-in-one for business users, and comes with a selection of unique solutions. The company has placed this

Windows 8.1 App Watch: Captain Dash

Tired of playing all the cool games that have hit the Windows Store these past few weeks? Time for a business app. Captain Dash is for you, if you analyze marketing data day in and day out.

Windows 8.1 App Watch: SumAll

Now here’s an example of a Windows app done right. Done very right. No wonder this useful application has a perfect five star rating, at least as of this writing, with all five stars well earned. SumAll

Microsoft Publishes New Windows 8.1 Power User Guide For Business

Publishing is not a new field for Microsoft. In the past, the software titan has crafted some really amazing books and user guides for its software and hardware products. Physical, paper books, I mean. But for some

HP Reportedly Preparing A Bay Trail 4G Tablet For Business Users

HP has deep roots in the business and enterprise sector, and launches new models for professional users round the year. It recently unveiled a bunch of business notebooks and hybrids in its EliteBook and ProBook range. But

Windows 8.1 Was Designed To Lead The Industry, Says Microsoft

If there is one thing you could associate with Microsoft’s modern platforms, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone, is that they are designed to offer a similar experience across a variety of devices, from desktop PCs to tablets,

Microsoft Rolls Out The Windows 8.1 Quick Guide For Business

If there is one thing Microsoft has really nailed with Windows 8.1, it is the area of help and support. And no surprises here, when you consider that this is one part of the core Windows 8

Windows 8.1 App Watch: Googalytics

Most things in the world can be classified into two broad categories. Same is the case on the Windows Store. There are some developers that are absolutely aware of what needs to be done, and there are