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Everyone Now Has Access To Windows 10 Creators Update

As in, this new version of Windows 10 is now fully available to all users. Except for those that are rocking PCs that cannot be upgraded to this shiny new flavor of the operating system. The software

Business Users Get A Reprieve From Installing Windows 8.1 Update

At least, for a few good months. Historically, Microsoft has had a pretty lax policy when it comes to installing and deploying updates to its software products. Pretty lax. Meaning users could continue on using the applications

Windows XP Users Should Move To Windows 8.1, Urges Microsoft

With both the regular and enterprise RTM versions of Windows 8.1 now officially released on Redmond channels the company is now shifting attention to a very pressing matter. Microsoft it still cautious of the markedly high market

Microsoft Talks Why Windows 8.1 Is The Best Choice For Financial Institutions

Windows 8.1 is right around the corner, with the first ever upgrade to Microsoft’s flagship operating platform on track to launch in October. Needless to say, anticipation is already sky high and climbing. And with major development

Microsoft Urges Businesses To Start Planning Their Windows 8.1 Deployment

The enterprise and corporate environment is one area where Microsoft’s newest platform is yet to make its mark. Large companies rarely do upgrade to newer versions straight away. But the looming retirement of Windows XP in just

Microsoft Releases New ADK For Windows 8.1

If there is one market that Microsoft seems keener than ever to target with Windows 8.1, it is the enterprise sector. The software titan has promised to bring several enhancements in the upcoming refresh of its flagship

Microsoft Unveils More Windows 8.1 Features Aimed At Businesses

The software titan revealed an impressive number of features last week that it plans on implementing in Windows 8.1, its upcoming refresh of the Windows platform. But the company used the TechEd keynote to introduce even more

Another Windows 8 Business Survey Reveals Slow Demand

One can almost imagine how things are going on at Redmond these days. Microsoft continues to pitch Windows 8 to businesses and enterprises, as analysts around the world blast the new OS for its disappointing early uptake.

Microsoft Betting On Corporate Uptake Of Surface Pro

The Redmond technology giant is set to unleash the Pro variant of its Surface tablet on February 9. And an awful lot hangs on that upcoming slate — to say otherwise would be a flagrant misstatement. Whether

Microsoft Hopes Companies Will Buy Surface Pro For Employees

The Redmond giant is gearing up to launch the premium version of its tablet, Surface with Window 8 Pro, in the United States and Canada on February 9. And one thing it hopes is that the slate