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Microsoft Nokia Deal To Be Finalized In April 2014

Delayed by a week? No big deal, right? Microsoft first announced the Nokia takeover back in September 2013 saying that the purchased should be complete in early 2014. Most expected this to be first quarter of this

Michael Dell And Silver Lake Again Improve Their Offer To Take Dell Private

Dell is one of the biggest hardware vendors, but CEO Michael Dell’s efforts to take the company back to a private entity is turning out to be one of the biggest technology soap operas. Yet another shareholder

Microsoft Has No Intentions To Buy Nook, After All

I love it when anonymous employees come to the rescue and quash (there’s that word again) some rumors. Not often does this happen, but it is usually is quite interesting when it does. Speculation that Microsoft is

Microsoft Rumored To Buy Nook Media For $1 Billion

In a rumor that would surprise absolutely no one, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is said to be on a bit of a shopping spree recently. And insider sources are now saying the technology titan is looking to

Dell Might Renegotiate Its Windows Licensing Deal After Going Private

Microsoft is ready to spend $2 billion to support the Dell buyout and help the PC manufacturer go private, but it appears that the hardware maker may benefit even more from Redmond’s involvement. As ArsTechnica notes, the

Dell Wants To Focus On PCs And Tablets After Going Private

The big question here is how the privatizing trip will play out. The founder of Dell has found that his plans to take the company private are most definitely not going as smooth as he had hoped

Michael Dell Seeking Majority Stake In Private Dell

The founder of Dell feels that the reason his company isn’t doing well is because it is stretched thin by trying to satisfy demands of the shareholders. The solution to all this? Go private, of course! As

Microsoft’s Dell Deal Could Raise Concerns For Several Partners

Big companies, big decisions, even bigger risks! And companies rarely come bigger than Dell and Microsoft. But their reported new partnership is starting to turn some heads, even though an official announcement is expected sometimes this week.

Microsoft Plans To Help Dell Go Private By Injecting Up To $3 Billion

By now most of you may be aware of Dell’ plans to go private. This private business is no easy trip. In fact, according to Dell, the whole adventure will cost anywhere in the region of $22