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Cortana Canada Launch Set For This Month, Alongside Lumia 830

Hold your horses, people, the Cortana Canada launch is expected just a few weeks from now. Microsoft will introduce the digital voice assistant in the country, along with the Nokia Lumia 830. Cortana will be available via

Here Are The Next 13 Microsoft Store Locations

Redmond keeps chugging along with its retail plans. We now have details of the next 13 Microsoft Store locations, and rather delightfully, two of these are in Canada. The company has been opening retail outlets in the

Cortana Canada Release Date Set For This Summer

Microsoft’s very own personal digital assistant, Cortana, has stirred up a lot of interest since its debut alongside Windows Phone 8.1. And now there are signs that it might arrive in Canada before the end of the

Canadian Job Training School Purchases 5,800 Surface 2 Tablets

Even though Microsoft’s Surface division is still losing money, things are on the up. From a decline of $900 million last year to a negative balance of $45 million this past quarter, the gap is closing. And

The Nokia X Will Not Be Available In North America

Fans of Nokia that wanted the company to launch Android smartphones finally got their wish earlier this week, when the company made the long rumored device official at the Mobile World Congress. The new X family of

Microsoft Now Offering Free Touch Or Type Covers For Every Surface RT

The technology titan had offered this new promotion in several of the new markets where its tablets have recent made their debut, and it was about time it came to North America too. Microsoft has just announced

Microsoft Appoints New Advertising Vice President For Canada

The past year or so has seen a bit of a shuffle among the ranks of higher officials in Microsoft, with a number of popular and influential figures leaving or retiring, and new faces taking their places.

Canada gets its First Permanent Microsoft Store Location

In the last several years, Microsoft has made a pretty big effort to expand its presence through Microsoft Stores. These locations allow the selling of Microsoft products and partner products, as well as a place for consumers

Microsoft Surface starting to (finally) ship to Germany, Canada and the UK

While the Microsoft Surface launch has gone rather smoothly in the United States, the same can’t be said for some international markets. Microsoft has apologized numerous times for delays in areas like the UK and even given

Nokia Lumia 920 will be sold by Rogers in Canada, starting today!

We’ve known for a while now that Nokia is going down the “exclusive route” with its new Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Instead of cross-carrier, just about every US carrier is getting a Nokia device, though many of