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Microsoft May Exit The Hardware Market

Hmmm, so this is what has been brewing underneath? Even though nothing has been confirmed yet, there is talk that Microsoft may give up on the Surface line, and exit the hardware market altogether. And the reasoning

Surface A Hit In The UK, Surges Well Ahead Of The Google Nexus

Back during the launch of the Surface family, the original Surface RT and Surface Pro, Microsoft had a lot to do to streamline its sales channels. The company managed to that in subsequent months. However, buyers in

Desktop PC Sales On The Up, Thanks To Windows XP Retirement

If you are been longing to hear some good news, then there is plenty in this new report by market research firm Canalys. And yes, it has got something to do with Windows XP. The fan favorite

Tablets To Make Up To 50% Of The Market In 2014, Microsoft Needs To Act Fast

That Microsoft is readying up to merge its Windows RT and Windows Phone platforms is no secret. The company has tried to not keep it as such, with various Redmond officials talking about such unification. In fact,

Canalys: 68 Percent Of Tablet Shipments In Q2 Are Small Screen Devices

You know how it goes with trends. First there are guesses, then reports and finally cold, hard statistics. The shift towards smaller tablet form factors has been reported for more than a year now. Sure there were