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Ubuntu Tablets Coming Out In Fall 2014, Says Mark Shuttleworth

You’d have to think really hard to name another person in computing technology that drives so much force behind a product. Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical has made Ubuntu what it is. And although his plans

Canonical Showcases Juju Support For Windows Azure On Its Website

Judging by how things have been between both companies in the recent past, the official site of Ubuntu is the last place you would expect to see a Windows Azure logo. But stranger things have happened —

Microsoft Is Doing The Right Thing With Windows 8, Linux Expert Believes

Windows 8 is battling a number of forces and factors, one of which is its battle with Linux. The freeware platform is steadily becoming more and more user friendly, so much so that users are starting to

How Do Ubuntu Server and Windows Server 2012 Compare?

In the home computing world, Windows is the dominant force, Mac comes in second, and Linux plays third fiddle. In the server world things are a bit different, however. Linux still outranks Windows, though not quite as

Ubuntu Following in Windows 8’s Footsteps?

Despite the naysayers out there that says Windows 8 is the wrong direction and that the idea of a hybrid mobile/desktop OS is a bad plan– the age of a universal OS is now closer than ever.