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Prepare For An Onslaught Of Tablets With Plastic Casings

It stands to reason that cost is a defining factor for a lot of users. While many can (and will) drop hundreds of smackers to get their hands on a deluxe slate, others prefer to stay in

More Windows 8 Cover artwork – Windows 8 Pro boxes

The Windows 8 Pro box covers. These look interesting as well. Click to expand…

New Windows 8 graphic spotted on

Well just looking at Amazon this evening and look what popped up. A new Windows 8 case graphic. This is interesting because it might just be a placeholder graphic for the Windows 8 sales page until we

New Windows 8 Software box covers – Part 1

So I found a few Windows 8 concepts for software box covers that you might want to check out. Some look similar to the designs for Windows 7 and others look more original. I found these on